EASY Watercolour Leaves Tutorial #shorts

Let’s paint some easy leaves with watercolour! Practice this technique over and over again to get the hang of creating thin lines and pressing down on your brush to fill the middle of the leaf. Products are available in my shop http://wonderforest.com Hope to see you there! Xo Dana

Making Watercolour Paint from Makeup #Shorts

Over on my TikTok page (thewonderforest), I have a little series going on where I create watercolour paint using expired makeup. You can create Watercolor paint with any dry pigment, so makeup works really nicely. And what a better way to recycle old product than to make something new with it! Enjoy! Xo Dana

Colour Mixing Basics & Skin Tones for Watercolour Painting

Hey friends! In this watercolour painting video, I go through some color mixing basics so you can get the most out of the least amount of watercolor paint colours. I’ll share how to create different tones and shades of various colours, and how to experiment with mixing your watercolor paint wet in wet. Finally, I’ll…